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Dine-In/Take-out Menus • Direct Mail • Custom Print Products • Promotional Items


We are a marketing and advertising company that offers many ways to promote businesses effectively.

We offer:
Menu Advertising. Reaching your target market and a captive audience on a daily basis for just pennies per exposure.

Custom Print Products. Items such as business cards, 2 or 3 part forms, brochures and just about anything in print.

Promotional Items and Tee Shirts. Market your business in a clever way. We can help find unique quality products for your business all at competitive prices.

Need to get the word out about your business? We are excited to offer package deals on postcard mailings where cost includes design, print, mail and postage, where most costs are less than the price of a postage stamp!

Do you want your business to stand out?  Make a great first impression with our cleverly designed business cards, customed to your needs.

Contact us today and we will help find the best solutions to grow your business!